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This is a highly curated list of resources to support public health change agents advancing population health and equity.  Many more tools to take action can be found in the population health and equity resource databases below.


Meeting Individual Social Needs Falls Short of Addressing Social Determinants of Health

By: Health Affairs, Brian Castrucci and John Auerbach

Description: Distinguishes social needs from social determinants/upstream community conditions

Public Health’s Unique Role in Addressing Both Social Needs and Social Determinants

By: National Alliance to Impact the Social Determinants of Health

Description: Issue brief describing the role of public health in addressing social needs and social determinants

Advancing CHW Engagement in COVID-19 Response Strategies

By: Community Based Workforce Alliance

Description: Framework and strategies to equitably engage a community-based workforce in public health response

HHS’s Strategic Approach to Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Advance Health Equity - At a Glance

By: Health and Human Services (HHS)

Description: Brief summary of HHS approach to address social needs, social determinants and health equity

Community Health Worker Roles and Resources

By: C3: The Community Health Worker Core Consensus Project

Description: Resources for engaging a community health worker workforce

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