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We’ve taken the Compass–now what?

  1. Download the action plan.

  2. If you took the Compass by yourself, go to Step 3

  3. If you took the Compass as part of a group, go to Step 2


Photo Credit to Joel Mott


2. Talk it Through

If you took the Compass as a group (recommended), get together with others in your group to talk it through.  Discuss questions for which you might have a difference of 4 or more in your scores to understand each other’s perspectives. 

Arrive at a common score based on your conversation.


3. Set goals and chart a path forward.

Identify up to five Compass priorities to work on. Decide on a goal for the questions related to each priority. Create an improvement plan for each of these priorities. 


4. Reassess

Reassess your progress every 3-6 months for just the improvement priorities you chose.  Take the full Compass at least once a year. Integrate the Compass into your strategic dashboard.

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